Why practice lying on the bed at night and morning?

You pass through these two easy opportunities for ‘focusing on breathing’ every single day: ‘getting into sleep’ and ‘waking up from sleep’.  

Wondering why I suggest practicing during these two time periods when you are lying down?

The answer: This way, you don’t have to allot your useful time or even sit up for this practice. Thus, the two giant ‘excuses’ for missing the practice or disliking it are killed in one shot.

Another equally important reason is that practicing during these two time ramps – entry into sleep and exit out of sleep, has a powerful healing effect. It weakens and gradually eliminates the current stressful style of  thinking, feeling and responding.

The state of mind and body with which you enter sleep influences its quality, duration and healing effect. The state with which you exit sleep and begin the morning activities, influences how you respond to the stressful situations during the day. Practicing this relaxation even for a short time, during these periods, disrupts the perpetual cycle of stress twice every single day, a wonderful reversal of  a destructive process. As the practice becomes spontaneous over a few months, it eliminates the stress altogether! Many practitioners vouch for this.

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