Stretching on the floor – Advanced Practitioners

When you are well set in the beginner’s routine and happy with its impact, consider adding some stretching practices (1). Try them on weekends to become familiar and see how you feel. Gradually, bring the ones you like, into the weekday routine.

If you don’t have some free time in the morning, try to create it by advancing the time at which you turn-off-the-light before sleeping. Begin with 15 minutes and gradually step it up to 30. Then, you will wake up correspondingly earlier and can use this new found morning time for these stretches. Lastly, begin practicing on just the the weekends.

When you practice the ‘waking up’ routine for beginners and this for advanced practitioners, you will feel a lot calmer and fresher than before . Focusing on breathing (2) would get firmly established in your mind, right in the morning. Your body and mind are now fully tuned and ready to play music, not make noise,  throughout the day.

Then you can leave the bedroom, enter the bath room and begin the morning activities. With the boost given in the morning, you are likely to spontaneously ‘focus on breathing’ during the routine morning activities and periodically during the day, even when you are working!

(1) VIDEOS of Stretching routines
(2) How can I focus on breathing?

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