Can you believe it worked for a two year old?

I shared this technique with a staff member at my dentist’s office.  She liked its practice. When I shared the feedback from children 9-13 years to whom I taught weekly classes of 15 minutes, she asked if she could teach it to her daughter aged 2 years. I said I had no experience with 2 year olds and she may try the ‘Tip mode’ with her daughter as an experiment. On my next visit she said she was very happy it worked great and e-mailed this feedback

“I have a 2 year old daughter who was not sleeping well at night. She would constantly toss and turn all night and come morning time when I would go in to wake her up, she was absolutely miserable. I was then introduced to the’ counting breaths’ method. I tried it with my daughter. To my surprise the next day, I woke up a completely differently little girl…. or so it seemed. She was much happier and more co-operative with me than the previous mornings. I also tried this method with her time out if she misbehaves. Once again to my surprise it worked. Within a few moments, she would become much calmer and more relaxed. “

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