Triggering and enhancing Spirituality

Practicing this technique (1) has a remarkable impact on some people with a dormant potential for spirituality. Some turned intensely religious or spiritual within a short time of practicing this technique. Their potential sprouts magically! I saw this in India and continue to see in the US. 

Let me know your own experience with this practice. It will be posted without your name.  

  • Sitting in meditation for an hour: A high strung person in India, aged around 50, had remarkable reduction of his chronic hypertension and could half his medication (2). His personality and behavior changed at work and at home. He became more responsible and less worried at work.

He suddenly turned intensely spiritual, sitting in meditation in front of the photo of his favorite Goddess Kali, for an hour daily (3). His wife was surprised at this sudden development. She worried he may become a monk abandoning her and their children. That did not happen.

  • “This approach to meditation really works”: Alfred had great hidden potential for meditation (4). He attended 3 classes of mine and took off on his path of meditation, like no other client (5). More….
  • “It has affected me physiologically and metaphysically”: Report from a person who attended my seminar 2 years back (5). “I’m not sure how well I am able to articulate how this simple breathing technique has changed my life. It has affected every aspect of my life, by changing me inside – both physiologically and metaphysically.” More….
  • “An inner peace was overcoming me and I felt that my favorite music on the car radio was noise”:  Feedback from a remarkable Chiropractor client. Immediately after the the first class, he reported dramatic changes in his way of looking at daily experiences and his style of responding to them. More…
  • “Able to meditate and handle thoughts..” reported Naveen who found this website and me from India. More….

(1) Focusing on breathing
(2) Relief from Hypertension
(3) Godess Kali – Wiki page
(4) Alfred
(5) About my seminars and classes

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