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@ Much easier to deal with the “stressors”

Feedback from a participant in my recent seminar.

“I have been using the techniques (1) and believe me…they came in handy…as my daughter (who is dealing with MS) fell and went to the ER by ambulance Tuesday morning. She had 8 stitches and they did not admit her, just observed her for the day…and then sent her home. So, for the past few days, I have been busy caring for her and helping my granddaughter.

She seems better now, and I am now taking the time to catch up with things in my life. It is much easier to deal with those “stressors” with your breathing techniques!! (1)”

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(1) How Can I Focus On Breathing?

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* My sleep quality has improved phenomenally

Received this testimonial from a Rheumatologist M.D, who attended 5 of my classes.

“Meeting Mr. Suryanarayana Chennapragada was more than a sheer coincidence. I called him hoping for ‘Srimadbhagavadgeeta’  (Geeta in short) (1) sessions, just to realize that he had come up with a very easy, yet pragmatic strategy to control the mind (one of the major aspects of Geeta).

I have benefited from this technique and continue to hope for ongoing experiences. Focusing on breath (2) using the ‘tip mode’ and ‘counting mode’ has been very beneficial to calm the mind. My sleep quality has improved phenomenally and so has the ability to reduce the impact of the stressors of day to day life.

Both our children have learnt the technique from him and hopefully will continue to reap the benefits. They are realizing their inner strength every day through constant practice.

We are even hoping that Mr. Suryanarayana will teach this technique to my younger sister, who is deaf; and her daughter (both visiting us from India) so that they can improve their quality of life even back home.

I would very strongly recommend this simple and effective technique to anybody and everybody. Thanks to Mr. Suryanarayana for being a catalyst in our evolution!”

(1) An ancient spiritual text from India known World over
(2) How can I focus on breathing?

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