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* Seminar at the Rensselaer Library

This was the second seminar done on Dec 29, 2011 at this library . Three women were present, two of them were in 16 to 20 range. One was in her forties. Their feedback at the end of the seminar is summarized below.

The seminar was …

  • Excellent –  3

I will use this technique to relieve my (concern)

  • Sleeping difficulties/ Pain from recent car accident/ Stress/ Anxiety – 1
  • Anxiety – 1

Comments/ Suggestions (if any)

  • I learned a lot on how to relax

E-mail message from the Library

“Everyone loved your program!  Thank you! I learned that you were going to leave hand-outs for us, but somehow they disappeared.  Can you bring bring some at your convenience?”

Jane Chirgwin

I would like to continue hearing about your program

Received this mail from a participant who attended my seminar at the Department of Environmental Conservation New York State a few years back.

“I have been following your counting breaths strategy (1) for sometime and find it very helpful.  I will be leaving DEC at the end of September and would like to continue hearing about your program.  Could you please add my new e-mail address to your contact list.”

(1) How can I focus on breathing?

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