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Pre diabetes patients – Feedback 4/25/18

I offered a seminar at the Whitney Young Health Center for pre-diabetes patients on April 25, 2018. It was attended by 3 women. A folder containing my key handouts  and testimonials was given to each participant (2), (3). 

Summary of the Feedback

I will practice this technique for my (concern) 

  • Sleeping, When stuck in traffic
  • Anxiety and any situation
  • Sleeping trouble (I wake up 2 to 3 times a night)
  • Sleepless nights

Take home’ points

  • I like the idea of counting breaths in traffic

Evaluation of the seminar 

  • Very useful – 3
  • Useful – 1


  • Informative, Good analogies (thoughts are like birds in clouds)
  • No comments. However it was very helpful and I appreciate the class and the teacher.
  • Informational.

I wish to 

  • Receive ‘Annual update’ on this technique – 3

(1) Whitney Young Health Center
(2) Documents for download – All handouts
(3) Sample testimonials – 16

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* Anxiety and Panic attacks reduced

Feedback from a client around 50 years, a patient of my daughter Padma Sripada MD. He attended 3 of my classes.

His main concerns were ‘Acute anxiety’, ‘Panic attacks’, ‘Stress’. He was concerned about the recent diagnosis of pre-diabetes. He lost 20 pounds after the diagnosis with diet changes and exercise but the sugar level was still high. He felt it may be due to stress. His acute anxiety and panic attacks persisted in spite of his being on Klonopin (1) medication.

” My practice is going well. I am not practicing as much as I was at first because my anxiety has been better in general. Some things about which I was worried before, I am less worried now. I use the breathing techniques all the time (2). I practice when going to sleep, waking up, various times during the day etc (3). Thanks CS!”

In the last class, he said that his attitude towards his chronic business and legal problems changed remarkably. He was now able to face the same old problems without panic and acute anxiety. He was able to keep his cool and even calming down his wife!  This is a sort of new life for him.

His experience shows the amazing power of  these simple techniques (2). Even though he was on anti-anxiety medication for a long time, he continued to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks to a paralyzing extent. He was looking for something beyond the medication.

(1) Klonopin
(2) How Can I Focus On Breathing?
(3) Daytime practice

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