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@ Seminar at ‘Venture Inward’

I offered the first seminar at ‘Venture Inward’ (2) on October 21, 2013 from 7 to 8.30 pm. This was set up by Margaret Kaufman owner of this business and a Hypnotherapist. Attended by total 9 adults, 7 female and 2 male. A set of my key handouts (1) was distributed to every participant. 

Scanned images of the Feedback forms

Summary of the Feedback

I knew about this seminar from 

  • E-mail from ‘Venture Inward’ – 7
  • ‘Meet up’ website (See (3)
  • A friend

This seminar is …

  • Extremely useful
  • Very useful – 8

I will use this technique for my (concern) 

  • Stress management/ reduction – 3
  • Anxiety
  • Making life more simple
  • Panic attacks
  • Relaxation and sleeping
  • Anxiety, Panic attacks and Stress
  • No Comment

Comments about the seminar 

  • Very calming, easy to follow. C S made it seem so easy yet so worthwhile
  • It was very good
  • Very useful
  • Moronically simple yet works liker a charm
  • Fun, interesting
  • Will use with patients I work with
  • Very well done, interesting
  • Very good, thank you
Nov 1, 2013: Received this mail from Margaret Kaufmnan who organized this seminar “Last Friday evening, Emily (name changed) attended our meditation circle and commented on how wonderful your “Focus on Breathing” program was and how impressed she was with your knowledge, instruction, patience and  gentle and encouraging interest in everyone.”

(1) Documents for download – All handouts
(2) ‘Venture Inward’ at 568 Columbia Turnpike East Greenbush NY 12061
(3) Meetup.com

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* “Moronically simple, yet works like a charm”

I set up a google alert for the URL of this web site, to see from which sites visitors are coming. Today, I found the comments of a visitor in the blog becoming Jennie. The relevant portion of the comments is quoted below –

“…… My other half and I went to an instructional class (1) a few months ago, given by an Indian gentleman who taught a very simple but very effective breathing exercise that sounds moronically simple, yet works like a charm. His site is http://www.countingbreaths.com. Your description of the clearing of your mind reminded me of it. You should check it out –  it helps you sleep, helps you clear your head, helps you if you’re panicky- it just helps  Let me know what you think….. ”

Read the full original comment in this link on Aug 1, 2011 by “Mark Bocain”:  

Such responses by practitioners inspire me to keep on sharing this “moronically simple technique!”. I am grateful to Mark and people like him, for endorsing this technique, thereby inspiring more people to try it out. I specially thank Mark for letting me publish his name. His comment rings so true and syncs with my honest feeling about this technique that I put a a link to his endorsement on the home page of this site.

By  the way, Mark  has a business which has a Face Book page.

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