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Yoga and Meditation – Oct 10 Class

The fifth monthly class at Venture Inward was done on Oct 10, 2016 from 6.30 to 8.00 pm (1). Four women attended, 2 new comers and 2 continuers. Summary of feedback  is shown below.

Scanned images of the feedback forms from 2 “Newcomers”

Scanned images of the feedback forms from 2 “Continuers”


I will practice this technique for my (concern) 

Overall health – Diabetes, Breast Cancer

My ‘Take home’ points

No rules – breathe

Seminar evaluation

Very satisfied – 2


Would like a mono guided meditation

I recommend this seminar to (specify the group with contact details if possible)

Receive Annual Updates?

Yes – 2

Enroll  for ‘Follow up classes’ on this technique?

Yes – 2

Join a ‘Support group for Meditation’?       

Yes – 1


Meditation on breathing

When did I practice? 

Falling asleep: A few times -2

When sleep was disturbed: –

Waking up in the am: –

During the day: Driving & At work -1

How did it help me? 

Helped me relax – 1

Gentle Yoga

I practiced

A few times – 2

Future classes

I want to continue: Yes – 1

(1) ‘Venture Inward’ Call #477-6566 to register.

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