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* I was poised, confident and enjoyed it!

Testimonial from a masters student who attended 10 of my classes over a period of 5 months (1).  

“I have been utilizing the CS’s (2) breathing techniques for two months now.

I have seen a significant decrease in my stress level (3).

One of my goals was to be able to speak in front of my class as a graduate student. Last week I was up in front of my class for nearly an hour; I was poised, confident, and I enjoyed it.

Every time I am feeling a little overwhelmed, I start to count my breaths and it helps me get centered again (4). I recommend these techniques to anyone because they work.”

(1) Seminars and Classes
(2)’ CS’ is my short and easy name, full name being Suryanarayana Chennapragada.
(3) Stress – Its causes, effects and solutions
(4) Counting mode

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@ Simple techniques can help transform lives – Says a Doctor

Report from Padma Sripada MD (1). My comments are at (2).

“My female patient in her forties has been suffering for many years with anxiety, depression and insomnia, made significantly worse due to negative interactions with a supervisor at work. Her BP (Hypertension) had been borderline high at most of her visits. She was always visibly stressed and appeared on the edge. To control her symptoms she was on two anxiety medications and a sleeping pill.

Recently when she came in, she had a very relaxed demeanor. She told me she was off both her anxiety medicines since she does not need them any more. Her BP was in perfect range.

I asked her what brought about the remarkable change. She said she decided that she would change how she reacts to her supervisor. She would do the best job she can and not let anything else affect her. She does the breathing as recommended (3). She does not use her fingers to count her breaths (4) but focuses on her breaths (5). She finds that it calms her down significantly.

I was very surprised and happy for her, since her quality of life is significantly improved. It is a clear example of how simple techniques can help transform lives.”

(1) Padma Sripada MD (My daughter)
(2) I keep copies of my handouts in each exam room and waiting hall of Dr. Padma as I work in the same office as manager. Interested patients pick them up on their own. The doctor gives directly to some patients like this one, when she thinks they may be receptive to such techniques.
(3) My key Handouts – How can I enjoy quality sleep? (PDF) and Relax anywhere, any time by ‘Focusing on breathing’ (PDF)
(4) Counting mode
(5) Feeling mode

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