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* Thank you for helping me and my family

Received this US snail mail from a person in New Jersey along with a check for $101.  See the links to his previous feedback messages at the end.  He is from India and per the India tradition, calls me “Uncle”. When he sought my help for his unbearable stress due to his wife’s Bi-Polar related problems,  I started working with him using the resources on this web site, phone calls and e-mails. I have not met him in person so far. I told him in the beginning that when he gets substantial benefits from my help, he may send a small token donation to support the propagation of this technique. The donation he sent is in response to that request. It is far above my expectation. I told him not to make any more monetary donation, instead he should help in propagating this technique among his friends on-line and by printing the hand outs and sharing with people. His letter reads –

“Dear Uncle

I am presently enclosing a check for $101. I will try to send  more later. I  want to sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and my family. You are truly God’s messenger on earth. Thank you. “

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* This meditation has saved my life …

Feedback from a man in New Jersey whose wife is undergoing a great disturbance due to change in the dosage of medication for her Bipolar problem (1). They have a 7 year old daughter. He was under great stress due to this situation.

” Your meditation technique has saved my life. It has helped me survive the crisis I have been going through.”

He explained that he was practicing the technique at night and other times, due to which he was able to withstand the severe stress.

(1) Husband and wife living are living in New Jersey. The husband found this web site when he searched on the internet for a solution to his unbearable stress. He contacted me by phone from the contact information in the web site. To start with, I am guiding him with phone support while he is practicing based on the documents in this web site. Once he gains confidence in the practices, hopefully he can train his wife.

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