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* Clears my mind of all other thoughts

Feedback from a woman in her fifties who attended my seminar at the East Greenbush Community Library, followed by 4 of my classes in 2012.

“I’ve been meaning to let you know how helpful the workshops I took with you were and still are (1).

I have been using your ‘counting breaths’ method to help me sleep for the last 2 years (2). Whenever I have trouble falling asleep, I begin to become aware of my breathing. Just the relaxed way you taught me. And I count and use the finger touching method (3).

It’s amazing! It clears my mind of all other thoughts. I begin to relax, and after a short while, I fall asleep (4).

I also find the relaxed breathing you encouraged me to do before getting out of bed, helps me start the day with a more relaxed attitude and I am less anxious (5)”.

(1) Seminars and Classes
(2) How Can I Focus On Breathing?
(3) How to Enjoy Quality Sleep and Conquer Insomnia?
(4) Relief from Insomnia – Success stories
(5) Waking up routine     Relief from Anxiety, Fear and Panic atacks

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