Seminars 2009 to 2011


Seminars – 13, Total adults and children – 104

  • Rensselaer public library: Dec 29,2011. This second seminar at the library was for 1 hour and 15 minutes attended by three women.  Feedback.
  • ‘Hope Club’ October 4, 2011: The seminar was for about 10 kids who either lost a parent to cancer or had a cancer survivor as a family member. Details of the seminar. 
  • ‘Hope Club’ September 29, 2011: The seminar of 1 hour was attended by a 70 year old woman. She came to the seminar with the noble intention of helping a friend of 86 years. Her friend was suffering from chronic insomnia , on account of grief from the recent death of her 55 year old son. She wanted to see if ‘Focusing on breathing’ could help her friend sleep at night.  
  • ‘Hope Club’ July 28, 2011: The seminar of one hour was attended by 5 persons. A family of four – husband, wife and their two teen age daughters and one other woman. Feedback.
  • Health and Safety Fair at the GlaxoSmithKline manufaturing plant at Oak Hill 3169 Route 145 East Durham, NY 12423: July 13, 2011. Participated in this fair on invitation of the Occupational Health Nurse of the plant, who herself practices this technique and recommends to the employees. About 25 employees who visited my booth at the fair were introduced to this technique, by handing over several related documents with brief explanation and a few demos. Short seminars will be offered to the employees shortly. Appreciation letter.
  • ‘Hope Club ‘ June 6, 2011: Introductory seminar of about 45 minutes was done for cancer survivors and family members. 7 women and 1 man attended. Feedback from the participants
  • Columbia Internal Medicine: June 2011. One person for stress at office.
  • Rensselaer Public Library, May 26, 2011: Introductory seminar on ‘Stress management” was held, attended by 5 women and 2 girls of 10 to 12 years.  It covered the ‘Focusing on breathing’ technique in detail and ‘Analyzing negative/ stressful thoughts’ and ‘Stretching with breathing’ briefly. The participants enjoyed the session. Written feedback was not collected due to shortage of time.
  • East Greenbush Community Library, May 4, 2011: The fourth introductory seminar at this library was attended by 19 adults (12 women and 7 men).  Feedback from the participants.
  • Albany Hindu Temple, March 2011: Introductory seminar of 15 minutes for about 50 Grade 6 students of Loudonville elementary school in  at the Albany Hindu Temple when they visited the temple for an introduction to Hindu religion.  Each student was given a copy of my 2 page hand out “‘Calm yourself anywhere, anytime by ‘Focusing on breathing'” to carry home.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine: Feb 2011. One person.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine: Jan 2011. One person for anxiety, insomnia, stiff neck and shoulder.

Seminars – 13, Total adults and children – 72

  • Pregnant women: Introductory seminar of 30 minutes for two expectant women along with their partners. This was done on the request of their Certified Birth Instructor Emily Marynczak who has been conducting series of classes for them.
  • Albany Hindu Temple: October 2010. Kid 10 year old.
  • 4th Goodman Diabetic Fair: May 2010.Introductory  seminar of 45 minutes was conducted as part of the  at the Diabetic Fair organized every year by Albany Medical College. This was the second year of this seminar. It was one of the break out sessions attended by 22 visitors to the fair. I was paid an honorarium of  $250 for this seminar. Feedback summary
  • Loudonville Elementary School: March 26 2010 .An introductory seminar of one hour was conducted for 24 teaching staff of the  on the request of the principal Kerry Flynn. Most of the participants practiced the relaxation lying on the floor for about 20 minutes. Feedback summary
  • Albany Hindu Temple: April 2010. A couple for ‘Infertility treatment’ failures.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine: Several sessions were held. Date and number of  participants. Aug 25 – 2;  June 17  -2; April 14- 2; March 17 – 3; March 3 – 5; Feb 24 – 1; Jan 20 – 2.
  • Albany Hindu Temple: Jan 2010. A family of mother, teen son and teen daughter and one other person.

Seminars – 9, Total adults and teens – 163

  • Columbia Internal Medicine: Nov 09. One woman for Fibromyalgia.
  • East Greenbush Community Library: The third seminar at this library was on October 12, 2009 for 14 adults. Feedback
  • East Greenbush Community Library: October 29, 2009 for 12 Teens. Feedback
  • Albany Hindu Temple: May 09. Two persons.
  • Third Good man Diabetic Fair at the Desmond Hotel: May 1, 2009. Attended by 120 people during the lunch time session.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine: Several sessions were held. Date and number of  participants. Dec 2 – 5; Nov 11 – 3; Nov 1 – 1; Oct 10 – 5

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