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  • Grades 2 -3: I introduced the technique to Grade 2 -3 students with great support from their class teacher Lynn Schuster by visiting them weekly for 15 minutes. Comments from the students are summarized at (7). Lynn adapted this technique to suit her and her students’ needs. Her detailed report is at (6) .
  • Faculty: The class teachers of this school adopted this or other calming techniques right from preschool (3 year olds)  through all the elementary grades (up to Grade 5). Many directors of this school practice the technique. Meg Taylor, Head of the school is highly supportive of this technique (5). In Oct 2013, the class teachers of middle school are also introducing this or other calming techniques in their class routine. In Oct 2013, the faculty introduced the novel practice of asking all the students (about 120) taking ‘Five calming breaths’ at the beginning and ending of the weekly Friday assembly.
  • Summary of comments: From individual classes is at (1) and the comments from all the classes is at (2). 
  • Preschool: ‘Focusing on breathing’ was introduced to children of all classes from Pre K 4 to Grade 8 in 15 to 30 minutes sessions in Oct, Nov 09. Meg Taylor the head of the school gave her official stamp of approval with this note in her school blog which can be seen under Dec 1, 09 under the title ‘Children and Anxiety’.

“One of the ways we help children cope with stress at Parker is by practicing the simple mindful breathing taught us by C.S., the grandfather of Veda in 4-5. It is one of his life’s missions to spread this easy and effective way to reduce anxiety. The breathing technique is practiced regularly by almost all the children in the school”.

  • A child relaxing when hurt: Received this mail from one of the Directors of this school: ” Hi CS……..     I wanted to thank you for teaching the children here at Parker School how to use breathing to relax…..  one of our students had fallen and gotten a big bump on his head…. he was having a difficult time catching his breath, but when I said ” think of CS and the breathing”   he immediately understood, started breathing and then was able to relax…    this is a wonderful life skill you are teaching….” Beth Engster Business Manager.
  • Grades 4 -5: As a follow up to my introduction of ‘Focusing on breathing’ to this class in early Oct 09, I visited this class for feedback, about 2 months later. More….

(1) Summary of comments from individual classes
(2) Summary of comments from all the classes

Parent page: Response from children in the USA

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