Stretching for beginners – Sitting

Please read the following suggestions before practicing the stretching shown in the video at (1).

The video demonstrates a series of movements. They gently stretch the muscles of the eyes, face, neck, shoulders, arms up to the fingers and legs up to toes.

It shows the upper body movements done sitting on the edge of a chair, with an erect back. The lower body movements are shown sitting on the floor.  If you are able to sit on the floor, practice both upper and lower body movements on the floor. Make sure that the back remains erect, all through without stooping,

If your body does not permit the range of movement shown, limit your movement to the extent you can. Gradually increase the range of movement till you feel bearable mild pain. Over a few weeks of repeating these stretches combined with breathing, the range of movement will naturally increase without pain. I can assure you that most of the initial pains will gradually go away, if you follow the suggestions given here, specially focusing on breathing while moving. Don’t be in a rush. Practice at your own pace. Let the results come in small increments over many months.

Repeat every movement, three sets of three repetitions, a total of nine repetitions.

Pause between the movements if you like. When you pause, practice the ‘Counting mode’ (2). Don’t let your mind get lost in thoughts. If it does, bring it back to counting breaths. As soon as you feel rested to your comfort level, resume the postures or movements from where you left.

If you find that some postures or movements make you feel good, double or triple their repetitions, to gain more benefits.

After about a month of daily practice, the whole series will need about 10 minutes. You will be happy to have a more flexible body. You will no longer feel like you are dragging your unwilling body along. Instead, you will feel like your body is happily following you like a well trained dog.

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(1) VIDEO of stretching for beginners
(2) Counting mode

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