These videos are to help my clients practice the postures and movements at home after seeing my demonstration in the classes. Looking at them independently will not serve the real purpose. Please read the respective suggestions before practice. I need to improve the content and quality of the videos, an on-going process.

Folding mode

This is the easiest mode of ‘focusing on breathing’, easy to teach, understand, remember and practice. Even preschool children like it. Description is at (1).

Waking up routine

These still postures are done on the bed, immediately on waking up. Suggestions are at (2).

Stretching for Beginners – Sitting

These easy stretches are done sitting on the floor or a chair. They gently stretch the muscles of the eyes, face, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Suggestions are at (3).

Morning exercise

These are vigorous exercises that load all the key muscles and joints. They follow immediately after the ‘Stretching for beginners’. They set the blood racing all over the body.  The waking up routine ends with the exercise in the VIDEO and relaxation following it  (4).

Loosening exercises of Yoga – Standing

These are done standing and stretch all parts of the body. They were taught by Swami Sangamadeva who unfortunately died in India in 2013 in a road accident.  Suggestions are at (5).

(1) Folding mode
(2) Different waking up postures
(3) Stretching for beginners – Sitting
(4) Morning exercise
(5) Loosening exercises of  Yoga – Standing

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