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This is only a partial list of numerous guides who helped me see the bits of truth behind many problems of mind, body  and relationships.  I continue to read the latest books from the local library and new windows keep on opening up in my mind. I have been adding such books to the list of books at (1).

I picked up a small book named ‘Art of living as taught by S. N. Goenka’,(2)   when I was working in India in 1997. Reading that book planted 2 seeds in my mind. One was ‘focusing on breathing’ to train the mind to focus on whatever is chosen as a target, instead of wandering all over. The second was focusing on the ever changing body sensations, to realize the ever changing nature of the physical self. I could begin focusing on breathing the same day. It took me many years to graduate to body sensations. The results for mind and body have been beyond my wildest expectations.

Eknath Easwaran: His book ’Meditation‘ and his ides on using a ‘Mantram’ (chanting a chosen word or set of words) have been the pillars of my practice. His teachings keep ringing in my mind even after many years of reading them. His Videos in Youtube

Wayne Dyer’s books helped me get over some of my mental blocks, specially his forgiveness experience described in one of his books. His book ‘Your erroneous zones’ made a big impact.

Louis L Hay’s books about accepting and loving oneself before you can love others have helped me at critical times. Her book ‘You can heal your life’ changed my mind permanently in some ways.

Sylvia Boorstein‘s books are great for the advanced practitioner.  I am able to absorb such teachings only after many years of regular meditation.

Andrew Weil’s books helped me clarify many hazy ideas about tackling mind, and body problems using modern and traditional therapies.

Dean Ornish: His books are a great treat. His approach encompasses all the vital factors that impact on health of mind and body – Diet, relaxation, Exercise and Social support. You can begin with his books ‘The spectrum’ and ‘Reversing heart disease’. If you like them, you can read his other books.

Joel Fuhrman’s books are the foundation for my information on Nutrition.  I made several changes in my diet following his guidelines.

Books on Relationships: These authors immensely helped me and some of my  clients in working with difficult people without getting stressed. I wish people like me find them early in life so they can reduce trauma in their lives.  

  •  Susan Forward: Her books “Emotional Blackmail” and “Toxic Parents” opened new windows in my mind giving tremendous relief.
  • Kerry Patterson with others: Their books “Crucial Conversations” and “Crucial Confrontations” are unique practical guides.
  • Henry Cloud and  John Townsend: Their book “Boundaries” is a bible on relationships for Christians but I could benefit from the ideas a lot.
  • Karl Pellimer: His landmark nooks “30 Lessons for Living” and “30  Lessons for Loving” are unique resources. Younger adults will benefit a lot from the practical wisdom and tips distilled from interviews with hundreds of older Americans.

(1) Books I like
(2 Vipassana meditation as taught by S. N. Goenka

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