Thoughts are like ‘Trains arriving at the train station’

You are sitting at the train station, waiting for the train to New York. You keep yourself busy with the newspaper. An approaching train is visible at a distance.You do not know where it is going. Do you jump on to it when it arrives at the station and go wherever it takes you? No way! You watch the approaching train till you see its number and destination signs. You will enter only that train which has the  ‘New York’ sign.

Coming to thoughts –
Every thought has a color and a destination. The ‘Anger’ train has an eye catching red color and will take you to the ‘Revenge’ destination. The ‘Guilt’ train has a shining black color and takes you to the ‘Self punishment’ destination. When any thought appears in your mind, you can see clearly what is its direction even if you do not know where it will take you ultimately. If it is not going in the direction you wish to go, don’t be tempted into boarding it. Ignore the stressful or negative thought trains by diverting your attention. No thought waits for you. Every thought passes in a few moments. When the positive thought train appears, board it and enjoy the ride, reaching the destination of ‘Happiness’.

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