Thoughts are like plants in a garden

Mind is like a field and thoughts are like plants. Negative thoughts are weeds and positive thoughts are useful plants. Paying attention to a thought is like watering a plant. Responding to a thought mentally, verbally or in action is like supplying plant food to it.

When we pay regular attention to negative thoughts and respond to them mentally, verbally and in actions, they get wonderful nourishment. They grow rapidly developing deep roots. At that stage it will be very difficult or impossible to uproot the stressful thoughts. What can we do?

Starve the negative thoughts of your attention and response by diverting the attention to the breath or your chosen chant if any. Such thoughts will not grow deep roots. It will be easier to starve them and get rid of them.  Instead, pay more attention and response to positive thoughts. Let them grow deep in the mind and become giant trees.

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