Thoughts are like ……

Here are ten different ways of looking at thoughts. When you adopt these or similar ways of viewing your thoughts, you will be insulated from their adverse impact.

  • Birds in the sky: When you show interest, the bird lands on your head, builds a nest and breeds more birds. More….
  • Clouds in the sky: Keep watching the clouds of different shapes. Your rich imagination sees in them dogs, rabbits, cats, monsters, so on. No cloud stops for you. Every cloud is on its way, slowly going past you, even as you keep watching it keenly. In a few minutes, that monster like cloud becomes invisible and a dog cloud appears in its place. Similarly, thoughts of various shapes inciting colorful emotions appear in  your mind. Just keep watching the thoughts, treating them like the clouds. Let them slowly fade out of your mind, just like the clouds!
  • Trains arriving at a train station: Every thought train has its own color and destination. You ignore the thoughts going in the wrong direction by keeping yourself busy with a calming task. More….
  • Uninvited guests: You allow the uninvited guest to enter and let him settle down in your living room sofa. He feels accepted and welcomed. After a while, he brings his wife, then children and then grandchildren. More….
  • Imaginary demons: In a typical folk tale, a demon kidnaps the princess. The prince goes searching for her. He comes to know that the the fierce demon’s life is in an insect which is kept inside a jewel box kept in a secure place. The jewel box is in a place guarded by several giant dragons spewing fire and other scary creatures. The hero reaches the secret place crossing many hurdles. He now sees the fierce looking demons guarding the door leading to the small jewel box. These creatures threaten to kill him if he goes near them. But when the hero boldly faces them and decisively strikes them with his sword, all the fierce looking demons instantly disappear. He then opens the jewel box, takes out the small insect and squeezes it between his two fingers and kills it. The demon holding the princess at a distant place falls to the ground and dies immediately.
  • Delusions: This is a scene from an Indian movie ‘Namak Haram’. The  actors Amit and Raj drink a hallucinating brew. Amit is disoriented but Raj is in his senses. More….
  • Plants in the garden: The garden has desired plants and also unwanted plants, the weeds. Paying attention to a thought is like watering a plant.  Responding to a thought mentally, verbally or in action is like supplying plant food to the plant. More ….
  • Images on a screen: Your mind is like the movie screen on which thoughts are being constantly projected like images. You are in the  audience seat watching the thoughts. More….
  • Balloons without air: A thought entering the mind is like a limp balloon without air. Believing in it, is like blowing air into the balloon, giving it life and significance. More….
  • Thoughts are like tuning forks: We get about 70000 in a day. Most of them just flicker in our minds and we hardly notice. But a few thoughts grip our minds like leeches robbing us of our peace of mind.  Their effect lingers for quite some time. Why? More….

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