The 12 hardest things I am learning to say: 
     "It's like this" - "Tell me more" - "I don't know" - "I know" - "No" - "Yes" -
     "I was wrong" - "Good enough" - "I love you' - " (Be silent - No words at all) - "Onward" -
     "This is it"." 
                  ....Kelly Corrigan in her book "Tell me more"
        "I believe that whenever we diminish and disregard another person, 
         we also diminish our own self."
        "The challenge of conversation is not just in being our self 
         but in choosing our self, since what we call self is constantly reinvented 
         through interactions with others. The self is always under construction."
               Courtesy: Harriet Lerner in her book "The dance of connection."
         "Human beings are flawed, and if forgiveness for bad behavior is denied, 
               then we are in trouble." 
          ....Akhil Sharma author of the acclaimed novel "An obedient father"
    "George Washington basically failed his way to sucess" 
     ....William Manchester in his book
        The Buddha asked his disciples "How long is your life?"           
        His disciples gave different answers - "May be fifty years?" 
        "Months?" "Days?" "Weeks?". He said "Wrong, 
        wrong. Our life is only one breath"
            .... I understand from this that we should focus intensely                                              
        and unwaveringly, on each and every breath. We should notice its
        continuous changes in speed, depth and accompanying
        body sensations like coolness and warmth in the nose 
        and expansion and contraction of the abdomen and chest,  
        as though it is our last breath.
         "It's is more important to know what sort of person 
          has a disease than to know  
          what sort of disease a person has." 
          ....Hippocrates 460 B.C
    "You can call on human beings to make noble sacrifices
     for almost any worthy cause. But just don't ask them
     to give up their suffering!"
     ....Gurdjeif, A Russian Philosopher
    "The first 20 miles are not difficult. As for last six miles, 
    I run while talking to God." 
     ....Fauja Singh, 100 years old, Guinness Record holder for running the
     full marathon. His vegetarian diet
         "Over 1.5 million years of human existence, it is only for about 
          past one hundred years that most people have gone to anyone 
          other than the oldest person they know, for solutions to 
          life’s    problems.” ....Karl Pillemer In his unique book 
          "30 Lessons for living - Advice from the Wisest Americans on 
          Love, Relationships and Marriage"
        Between the optimist and the pessimist
        The difference is droll 
        The optimist sees the doughnut 
        And the pessimist sees the hole!   
              .... McLandburgh Wilson in the year 1915
    Fill your bowl to the brim and it will spill
    Keep sharpening your knife and it will blunt
    Chase after money and security and your hear will never unclench
    Care about people's approval and you will be their prisoner.
    Do your work then step back - The only path to serenity
    ...From 'Tao Te Ching'  written four thousand years ago.
    ...My related article": Focus on the goal or the process?
  • What we think as ‘LACK OF’ energy, is often ‘LOCKED UP’ energy.
  • When you have the ‘WILL’, ‘POWER’ will follow it like a slave.
  • Sorry I can’t place myself in another person’s shoes. My shoes are glued to my soles!
    So may be the other person’s soles to her shoes.
  • An open mind is one that is equally open to ‘Belief’ and ‘Disbelief’.
  • What are the most difficult things to ‘GET’ and ‘GIVE’?
    They are ‘ForGET’ and ‘ForGIVE’.
          ...My thoughts
    You should remember you are at least three distinct and separate individuals.
    - First, you are the person who, at the time of your consideration, really exists.
    - Second, you are the person whom you believe exists.
    - Third, you are the person who others see and they believe is you.
    ...Clement G. Martin M.D, author of the book "How to live to be 100" published in 1963.
  • Dialogue between a journalist and Mother Teresa

Journalist: What do you do in your prayer?

Mother Teresa: I listen to God.

Journalist: What does God do?

Mother Teresa: HE also listens.

Whenever I recollect her reply,I can’t help smiling at the simplicity of Mother Teresa.

  • Another quote of her

“God does not require that we be successful – only we be faithful”

    "At 100, I have a mind that is superior — thanks to experience — than when I was 20”
    ....Rita Levi-Montalcini, who won a Nobel Prize for helping to
    unlock the mysteries of the brain cells.She worked well into her 
    final years and died at age 103.
    Not everything that counts can be counted.
         ...Denis Burkitt, British Scientist.

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