The blamer is hit with the blame bug

Sometimes a person blames you for no fault of yours, or behaves in an improper manner hurting your feelings. You feel bad and look for your alleged faults. If you did something wrong, you blow up your fault out of proportion. If you remain cool and impartially judge your actions, like a judge in a court room, you would realize you were blaming yourself without supporting proof and not giving yourself the benefit of doubt, just because you were unknowingly tricked by the blamer. Let us color this phenomena differently. Imagine the blamer is hit with the blame bug. He develops the symptoms of the disease – anger, hatred etc. He comes in contact with you and infects you with the blame bug. The blame bug works inside you. You begin to look for some one to blame. You find it easiest to blame your own self, rather than others. Stop. You can avoid becoming a victim. As soon as the blamer shows anger, hatred etc. realize that they are symptoms of the blame disease and that he is trying to infect you with that bug. This realization works like a vaccine against the blame disease. You will look at the blamer as a sick person struck with the blame bug. You will feel sorry for the blamer for suffering from the blame disease. The blame bug does not enter you. You remain a healthy and happy person. Isn’t this a total reversal of the situation?



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