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  • He insulted me! My pen becomes your pen only when you stretch your hand, receive it, grasp it and put in your pocket.
  • Message or the messenger? A sufi teacher (mystic in Islam)  was pointing at the moon with his crooked index finger, bent due to arthritis.  He was asking his student to look at the beautiful full moon. The student was focusing on the crooked finger, not the moon.
  • Androcles and the lion The hungry lion released from the cage comes running towards Androcles but instead of killing him, it meekly licks his foot!
  • Seeing a person in a video not a photo: We often get stuck to a single image of a  person, good or bad. When a person insults or hurts us, that single negative image of that person gets stuck in our mind. All other images of that person, good and bad, before and after that image, remain sort of behind a screen. How can we get unstuck?
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