My approach

  • Stupidity is repeating the same actions and expecting different results. If you want different results, you have to stop repeating exactly the same old actions and modify old actions or introduce new actions.
    Some examples: (1) Adding 2 and 3 gives a result of 5. You are not happy with 5 and want to get 8. If you keep on adding 2 and 3, will you EVER get 8? (2) You have been travelling on the route A to B to C and find yourself in town X. But you don’t wan’t to see town X. You want to see town Z. If you continue to follow the same routes A, B and C, will you EVER reach the town Z?
  • The ‘Never-Fail Philosophy’ for Self-Growth: I remember sometimes about my chosen path or method. Even this just remembering gives me confidence that I have some potential. I feel happy about this. I fuel this spark by taking a few steps on my path. It generates a small flame. I am surprised at my new found power. I see that this small flame gradually dissolves the imaginary barriers that encircled me all those days. Practicing my chosen method(s) sporadically, I see my morale grow slowly. I keep on patting myself on my back. I draw inspiration from my baby life, when I was learning to walk. I was falling often, but getting up quickly and taking a few more determined steps. I was never concerned about falling, but thrilled to get up immediately and try again. I often recollect the tiny improvements I have made so far in my Mind and Body. I try again, again, again .…..pretending to be my baby self!  I do not feel stuck to that old path any more. It does not satisfy me any more, now that I have tasted this new path. I see the new path getting clearer. My steps are not hesitant and I feel more comfortable. I keep going at some pace, resting on the way, as I like. Nothing can stop me from trying!
  • I firmly believe that taking one small step ahead in a new direction is better than standing still at the same place or busily going round and round in a circle.
  • The first step off the old stressful path is very significant. It shows the firm intention of moving away from the old path and says “I mean it”.
  • Collecting an ocean of words, thoughts or concepts should result at least in a ‘Trickle of  Actions’. Else, what a colossal waste of precious time and energy!

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