‘Mind’ related articles (15)

  • Thoughts are like ….Birds in the sky, Clouds, Trains arriving at a train station, Uninvited guests, Imaginary demons, Delusions, Plants in the garden, Images on the screen, Balloons without air ….
  • Who is controlling your mind? Not you! 23 page booklet. How your wandering mind saps your potential, how you can reduce its wandering with the ‘focusing on breathing’ technique, why people do not like to use even such easy techniques and your strategies for success. I distributed this booklet to about 100 people in my company in India in 2002 and collected their detailed feedback on a 4 page questionnaire. Remarkable reports given by them made me realize the immense potential of this no-cost technique, provided it is offered without any strings.
  • My brother Ramu died at the age of 10 I received a post card from my father that my wonderful brother Ramu aged 10 died due to drowning in the lake near our house. A question repeatedly arose in my mind – “Why did God take away such a wonderful boy at the premature age of 10? Why? Why? Why?……
  • This too shall pass When the lonely king stopped running and looked back, there were no enemy soldiers following him.
  • Sam fell flat on his birthday Sam had a choice – to feel miserable and make every one feel miserable or laugh it off and make every one laugh.
  • On being happy: There are 2 articles. (1) The cow keeper was playing his flute sitting under a tree. The managers from the city tried to give him ideas on how to earn more money and become happy…….(2) The ever complaining spinster saw the hungry homeless old man and his grand daughter dancing and laughing in the rain ………..
  • My shopping cart pulls to one side: Sometimes I pick a shopping cart that pulls to one side. I make periodic adjustments to prevent any mishaps.  I realized that my mind also tends to make biased and wrong judgments. I adjust my mind like I adjust my shopping cart and avoid mishaps.
  • You try to use the diseased mind to cure itself? This is not my thought but of Mary Karr, a famous poet. It expresses powerfully the stupidity of helplessly listening and attaching value to a mind that is disturbed and stuck in the negative mode.

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