Is it a rope or a snake?

Imagine you are on your way to urgently meet your friend who lives very close to go to a movie in his car. You are walking along a narrow passage in a semi lit area. There is no alternative path close by.

You see some curly thing lying on the path ahead. You feel it may be a snake and stop immediately to take good look. You are not able to figure out exactly what it is. It may be a snake or it may be rope. But which one? Time is passing by. You are getting late and anxious to go ahead but afraid it may be a snake.

If it is a rope you are wasting your time looking at it and losing a cherished opportunity. If you conclude that it is a rope and go forward but it happens to be a poisonous snake, you could be bitten by it and die. If you could confirm that it is a snake, you could pick up a stick, kill the snake and go ahead without wasting much time. What should you do?

Seeing it’s true nature is all that is required to make the best out of your opportunity while keeping yourself alive. It is just a matter of correct perception. Once you judge correctly, you do not remain paralyzed into inaction. You will take the appropriate action and do your best. Can any one do better than one’s own best under the given circumstances? Should we not be happy that we did our best?


  • I told this story to a 76 year old woman who attended my weekly classes on ‘Counting Breaths’ and related methods, as she had chronic anxiety problem. When I met her after a long time and asked how she was practicing, she said this story helped her a lot in countering her anxiety. Whenever she was worried about something, she asked herself “Is it a rope or snake?”
  • Another client who overcame road rage using the techniques also said he liked this story. His report

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