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  • The frog who jumped out and escaped getting cooked Our current habits are like that frog. We have to cook them (change them) very slowly, in small degrees. Any sudden or major change will alert them and make them escape any change, by finding all possible excuses against the change.
  • It is only a little! How an earth bound helium balloon quickly floated to the ceiling when I cut just a little bit of the long thread holding it down.
  • Did it happen suddenly? I moved the paper weight a little towards the edge of the table. Nothing happened. A little more and nothing happened. After a series of such small movements it suddenly fell down on the floor with a thud.
  • Focus on the goal or the process? Your goal in the morning is to reach your office. Can you focus on your office building, from your home parking lot? No. What then you do, to reach your office every day?

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