Yoga Stretching Movements – Standing

These are a set of stretching movements from the book written by Swami Sangamadeva whose classes I attended (1) (2) (3) . They loosen all the joints and muscles. It takes less than 10 minutes to repeat each movement 3 times.

I do them in the morning before leaving the bedroom. It makes a world of difference in how I feel in my body during the day. If I don’t have enough time to do  them in the morning, I do at night before brushing my teeth. They make me sleepy even while doing them! If I don’t do them for 2 days in a row, I feel so unfit that I feel compelled to do them, sacrificing some other activity.

In the beginning, my body was as stiff as a stick and I could not do even this gentle stretching. I am now able to do even some difficult Yoga poses, only because I practiced ‘Focusing on breathing’ and meditation for a long time (4) (5). These preparatory practices loosened my tight muscles and they don’t hurt when stretched.

(1) ‘Gentle Loosening Stretches – Yoga (PDF)  Pictures with text
(2) YouTube VIDEO. This is the first edition awaiting significant improvements.
(3) I am grateful to (Late) Swami Sangamadeva for compiling these practices and teaching us at Albany NY. I am sorry to report that he died in a road accident in India in August 2012.
(4) ‘Focusing on breathing’
(5) Meditation

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