Appreciation from members of forums on insomnia

I have been posting a brief version of this technique focusing on insomnia on the Yahoo answers web site against questions seeking help for insomnia. According to Yahoo rules, the asker decides the best answer from many answers. Several askers picked the following answer as the best answer. It is apparently convincing and helpful for them. Some of the questions are posted below along with my generic answer.


My answer: “One simple technique to relieve insomnia is ‘Focusing on breathing’. This technique reduces the flow of thoughts, calms the mind and relaxes the muscles. It induces quality sleep in spite of anything going on in the mind. Try the following mode of this technique when lying in the bed and needing to sleep.
Segment mode: Every finger has 2 cross lines, dividing it into 3 parts or segments. Place the tip of the thumb at the top segment of the little finger and breathe three times. Move the thumb to the middle segment and breathe three times. Move to the bottom segment and breathe three times. Repeat the same steps at the next 3 fingers. At the thumb, place the tip of the index finger on its segments and follow the same steps. Then switch to the other hand and repeat the process all over. Continue to practice, switching the hands. You will sleep automatically at some point of time. When you wake up in the morning, you will be surprised how you slept so well last night! Source(s):”


Here are some questions and the asker’s comments

  • Question: I’m going to Africa and the amount of pills I’d need to take is way too many to carry, so I need to find a solution that’s cheap and effective. I can’t take any form of pills because of both the number needed and it’s a school trip so I’m not allowed to since its not prescription. Basically, I need an effective natural sleep aid that will work quickly and doesn’t have major side effects.Asker’s comment: “Takes a while, but it definitely works and is much better than being up all night. Thanks!”
  • Question: My boyfriend suffers from anxiety, he has insomnia, and says that he can’t quiet his mind? What does not being able to quiet your mind mean? and what causes this?Asker made no comment but picked my answer as the best answer.
  • Question: Does anyone else suffer from anxiety and insomnia, or at east insomnia???? please help!!?I have been having insomnia on and off for the past week and my anxiety has been really high because of it. I have trouble falling asleep and it had started because of a small situation i had, but it has been resolved yet i still am having trouble falling asleep. When I take a sleeping pill i fall asleep easily but i dont want to become dependent on that. Does anyone else suffer through anxiety and insomnia?? Or at least just insomnia?? I always think that I am not going to sleep and thats what gets me nervous because of stories I have heard of people who dont sleep for days and I do not want to be that person. I need advice on how I can calm down and get myself back into a normal sleeping pattern without sleeping pills. I know I can sleep without it because a few nights ago i fell asleep without it pretty easily, its just my anxiety when i dont think i will sleep that keeps m up. Please I need advice. I have been stressed and this is only contributing and I am looking for someone who is going through at east the same with insomnia so i do not feel so alone with this. I know why i havent been able to fall asleep easily and i still get in a good amount of sleep when i do fall asleep its just my anxiety about insomnia and i need some comforting words to help calm me down from someone who goes through at least insomnia.Asker’s comments: Thank u! I will definitely look into that and try it out. 🙂
  • Question:I have been on several different medications, mostly for anxiety, and all but one, I have stopped taking. The medication is for General Anxiety Disorder, or GAD. It is a benzodiazepine. I take it every night, as prescribed by my psychiatrist. If I don’t take it, I put myself at risk for horrific panic attacks, and potentially deadly delerium tremens.
    Anyway, I’ve tried every technique I can think of in the book, including, but not limited to, taking a bath before bed, going to bed at the same time every night, keeping my sheets and comforter clean, keeping my room at a stable, comfortable temperature, not consuming caffeine after 12:00pm (in fact I don’t even drink caffeine much anymore), drinking warm milk, taking valerian root, melatonin, keeping my room dark and quiet, using white/pink/brown noise to block out city noise that comes through closed windows, using theta and delta frequencies to lull myself to sleep, using soothing sounds like rainfall or ocean waves, reading a boring book, meditation, etc. I would run out of characters if I named everything I have tried to help myself fall asleep.
    I get about 20 hours of sleep per week, so an average of 3 hours of sleep per night.
    Sometimes I go an entire week straight without any sleep at all. The longest I have gone without sleeping in a row is 196 hours.
    My insomnia is so bad that sometimes it takes me 5-8+ hours to fall asleep after I’ve already gone to bed.
    I don’t know where else to turn to besides here, and I’m already seeing a counselor, assuming that some of my sleeping difficulties are due to repressed, painful memories. I always find myself with extremely pesky, racing thoughts at night, when I’m just trying to shut my brain off to sleep. Even if I block out one thought, another one comes to take its place, and then I start thinking about that one. I can’t make it stop. It’s just one thought after another, and these thoughts aren’t even important–in order words, there’s no reason for me to think about them when I’m trying to fall asleep.
    Can anyone help point me in the right direction of some remedies or routines that might help? I’ve already tried sleep deprivation to the point of passing out, but that just makes me sleep for about 16 hours straight for one night, and then I’m back to the insomnia again.
    This is kind of ruining my life since I am in college and I’m trying to function normally, but often, I find myself half-asleep during classes, or I skip class altogether because I am so worn down that I get sick or feel sick.
    I have a healthy diet, I exercise regularly (in fact I don’t even drive my car, I walk around 3 miles every day–some days, I walk even more), I lift weights, and I don’t exercise past 2:00pm, either.
    I guess I am just looking for suggestions. Can anyone help, who has had success with triumph over insomnia?
    My answer: You will get lot of help by practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’. It will reduce the flow of thoughts, calm the mind and relax the muscles, inducing quality sleep.It will help you conquer insomnia ultimately. People with chronic insomnia who were on sleep medications for many years could reduce or stop the meds after a few weeks of practicing this technique. The following mode of this technique can be tried when lying in the bed and needing to sleep.
    Segment mode: ……….
    If this fails to improve the situation, practice the same technique sitting on the edge of a chair for 45 minutes to one hour. When you feel very drowsy lie down in the bed and continue the practice till you automatically fall asleep. Please visit my website for more help.
    I feel you should also take fish oil capsules to get at least 2000 mg of Omega 3 per day. They help the brain function better. Look for the quantity of Omega 3 on the label and buy the highest concentration of Omega 3.
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  • Question: Hi, I haven’t been to the doctors but I think I have early morning insomnia. I wake up nearly every morning at about 4am, sometimes even earlier. I’ll try and give as much information that might be associated with it as possible. I’m a 13 year old girl,
    I have leg disabilities that cause me a lot of pain. I take ; Paracetamol, codeine phosphate (which mixed with paracetamol creates a weak type of morphine), ranitidine (to line my stomach), and diclofenac (an anti-inflammatory). I grind my teeth in my sleep
    I have restless leg syndrome. I get bullied, my grandad has cancer and my friend slits her wrist so I’m really depressed at the moment. What do you think? Please help, I can’t stand it anymore.
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