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Foundation Practices

Who said Meditation is difficult? (PDF): The essence of my teaching in Q & A form – 1 page

Counting Breaths Meditation: The basic technique, when to practice and benefits.

Brochure – Tri-Fold, printed both sides PDF

The ‘Breathing Solution’ for sleep problems
Webpage  (Handout PDF): The one page handout explains how you can use this technique to end all kinds of sleep problems including severe/long standing insomnia. I suggest every practitioner to first develop the habit of practicing this technique at bedtime lying in the bed.  Why is it so important? Enjoying good quality sleep for 6 to 8 hours recharges the mind and body. It puts your life on a different path. There is some magic power in falling asleep while focusing on breathing. It reboots the mind and body.

How to prevent stress at the work place by ‘Focusing on breathing’ (PDF): Three steps to a stress free work day – 1 page.

How to relieve chronic pains by ‘focusing on breathing’ and gentle stretching (PDF): This explains a step by step procedure for relaxing the hurting muscles and stretching them gently, within your comfort zone. Three success stories are presented -2 pages

Mind related articles (PDF): Sixteen articles – 24 pages

Relationship related articles (PDF): Fourteen articles – 14 pages

Gentle Loosening Stretches – Yoga

These are a series of simple stretching movements to loosen all the joints and muscles. See (1)

Sample testimonials

Sample testimonials below show the potential of this technique for helping people of all age groups come out of diverse issues affecting mind, body and relationships. These are selected from over 200 testimonials presented in this website touching on problems from Anger to Willpower. I share these sample reports with the participants in my seminars, along with my select handouts.

Relationships and Chronic Pains – 4 reports

Insomnia, Anxiety, Headaches, Panic attacks, Driving – 3 reports

Children, Residents in a Nursing home – 3 reports

Stress, Depression, Smiling and Laughing – 3 reports

Anger, Anxiety – 3 reports

(1) Loosening Stretches – Yoga

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