Sitting on the floor, shoulders supported by hands

Sit on the floor, legs fully spread out in a v-shape, palms resting on the floor, close to the hips, fingers pointing away from the hips. The shoulders are jacked up by the hands, relieving the back of most of the load. Your bottom lightly contacts the floor. Close your eyes. Practice the ‘feeling mode’, focusing the mind on the expansion and contraction of the abdomen and the coolness inside the nose when breathing in. Try not to move your hands or legs. You may also practice with eyes open while watching TV or any other time, as long as you feel like. If hands hurt, release the load on them for a few seconds and get back into the posture.

After being in this position for some time, roll your head slowly in the widest possible circle in clockwise direction and then counter-clockwise. While rising the head breathe in and while lowering breath out. Repeat 2 more rounds in both directions.

Benefits: It relaxes and massages the back, neck and legs. Enhances breath awareness. Also prepares the body to be still, preparing for meditation.

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