Lie flat on your back. Bring the feet together. Fold your legs bringing the knees close to the chest. Grasp the legs with respective hands, midway between the knees and ankles. Keep the thighs pressed to body throughout this practice. Take a deep breath. While breathing out forcefully, roll forward , till the feet touch the floor or come as close to the floor as possible. Immediately, roll backwards, while breathing in. Repeat the cycles, in quick succession. Rolling forward while breathing out and backwards while breathing in. Use your shoulder muscles to propel you forward. Roll 5 to 10 times. Practice in the morning or evening, before dinner. VIDEO link is at (1).


It synchronizes the body movements with breath awareness, strengthening both the habits of breath feeling and body awareness.

You will feel light-headed at the end of this practice. You are likely to get a smile on your lips. I invariably get smile around 10 rolls. Perhaps it releases some happiness triggering chemicals in the brain.

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(1) VIDEO link. This shows slow rolling but I do it fast.

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