Relax the jaws and lift up the mood

We unconsciously lock up tension in the jaws. It spreads to the cheeks, forehead, neck, shoulders, hands and fingers. This reinforces the feeling of being stressed. Try these practices privately before a mirror to begin with. See how they change your mood. If you like any of them, practice in daily life.

Tongue tip positioning: Place the tip of the tongue inside the top front teeth. Slowly move it up towards the roof of the mouth. You will sense a ridge above the  tooth. Keep the tongue lightly touching this ridge. It opens up the jaws and relaxes the related muscles. You may slightly rock the tip of the tongue to enhance the relaxation. You can practice this anywhere, anytime, except when speaking, eating or drinking. Develop this into the default position of your tongue to prevent stress from building up.

Gap between the lips: We tend to keep the lips pressing each other. Instead, consciously keep them lightly touching each other with an invisible gap. Feel the impact on your mood. In fact, the above ‘tongue tip positioning’ practice creates this invisible gap.

Why not smile! Many people put on a grim face unless they have something to be happy about. Why?  We simply developed this habit. Instead, try this experiment. Hold a pencil between the teeth, bringing out a forced grin. Don’t you feel the difference in the mood, everything remaining same?

Let us take a clue from babies whose faces readily break into a smile, the moment we greet them.

How about making a smile the default expression of the face, unless there is a reason to be grim?

When you see someone smiling, your own mood lifts up- it is infectious. Why not spread this ‘smiley virus’ to the people we meet?

Initially, you may not be able to smile, not being in this habit. No problem. You just begin and gain some smiling practice. Stand facing the bathroom mirror. Recollect a happy incident, humorous experience or a joke. Give yourself  permission to smile. Keep looking at your smiling face as long as possible. Practice ‘smiling at myself ‘ every time you are in the bathroom. Your grim-face habit may change into a smiling-face, in a few weeks.

These simple practices do not just relieve the tension in the jaws. They lift your mood up and make your face more appealing to people looking at you.

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