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Sit on a cloth spread on the carpeted floor or on a Yoga mat if the floor is hard. Fold your legs back at the knees. Sit on the folded legs with the hips resting in the hollow between the heels. Raise both hands up while breathing in. While breathing out, bend forward at the hips till the forehead rests on the blanket. If your body is of normal build, your chest rests on the thighs. Lay the stretched arms forward resting relaxed on the floor, palms down. Close your eyes. Practice the ‘counting mode’ or the ‘feeling mode’ (1). Focus the mind on the expansion and contraction of the abdomen, as the breath goes in and out. Try not to move your hands or legs.

Practice this when tired physically, when stressed, not getting sleep and similar situations, for any length of time, till you feel calm and relaxed. It is OK to fall asleep in this posture. If your legs hurt, shift the body weight alternately to left and right legs. If you feel acute pain, slide sideways towards the right or left. As soon as the pain goes, get back to the original posture. Gradually increase the time. After about 10 minutes, the breathing becomes rhythmic.


It is very good for relaxation of the mind and the body, specially at the end of a tiring day. It enhances breath awareness and ability to be still.

Note: Don’t practice the child pose within 3 hours of a meal. If you want to sit like this after a meal, practice its cousin pose – Vajrasana (2). Sit erect between your heals. Rest your palms on your thighs, with the hands being straight. It is considered the ideal Yoga posture for healthy digestion immediately after a meal  (2).

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(1) How can I ‘Focus on breathing’? 
(2) Vajrasana  – Google images

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