Relaxation to eliminate fatigue

We get fatigued after any vigorous exercise or on return from work. If we don’t relax the muscles fully, the fatigued feeling will affect how we feel rest of the day or night. 

The time spent on relaxation may be only one tenth of the time we spend on work or exercise but will make a big difference. How can we do it? Try these steps in the sequence shown. It is not advised to do this after a meal.  Try at least 3 hours after a meal.

  • Complete the bathroom routine if needed. Drink a cup or two of water or fluid.
  • Lie on your back on a soft but firm surface, like the carpeted floor.
  • Spread your legs wide at a comfortable angle. Lay your hands flat by your side, palms up, at a comfortable angle.
  • Practice the ‘Segment mode’ and complete 2 hands (1). If you don’t feel the looseness in the muscles of  the fingers, toes and face, practice another 2 hands.
  • Practice the ‘folding mode’ on two hands (2).
  • Practice the ‘tip mode’ on two hands (3).
  • If you don’t feel  the fatigue is fully gone, repeat any of the above modes till you find no trace of fatigue. Ideally the body from face to toes and fingers should feel like a rag doll!

(1) Segment mode
(2) Folding mode
(3) Tip mode

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