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AICR is for American Institute for Cancer Research.
WCRF is  for World Cancer Research Fund
ACS is for American Cancer Society

Common to all cancers

Reducing the Risk of Cancer with Healthy Food Choices and Physical Activity – ACS

Modified Citrus Pectin May Have Anti-Cancer Benefits – People’s Pharmacy

Breast Cancer 

Fatty dairy foods linked to early Breast Cancer death – Kaiser Permanente

Carotenoids and Breast Cancer Prevention – AICR

Cutting Breast Cancer Risk – AICR

Prostate Cancer 

Vegetable fats tied to less prostate cancer spread Source  Source: Journal of the American Medical Association

Recommendations to Prevent Aggressive Prostate Cancer – AICR

Lifestyle Changes Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer – UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

Kidney Cancer

Fiber May Cut Risk of Kidney Cancer – AICR

Colorectal Cancer

Gut bacteria, Fiber and Adenomas – AICR

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