Anxiety, Phobias, Panic, Depression & Chronic stress – Books I like

These are some books that influenced my thinking and practice or found interesting. The prices shown are the total costs for getting used books in ‘Very Good’ to ‘Good’ condition by US mail (total cost of book and shipping) from, unless otherwise mentioned. Most books arrive in a week. I was rarely disappointed with the quality. I also buy used books sold at the local library book sales. They cost $0.50 to $2. I label their prices same or lower than what I have to spend, to get a replacement copy from

I sell them to my clients on “Return anytime and get full refund” policy. Many of them are happy to buy them. Some kept them forever, some returned for refund and some said “I don’t want any refund”. This arrangement is very practical and really helpful for expanding the skill set of my clients.

  • Anxiety relief for kids – On-the-spot strategies to help your child overcome worry, panic and avoidance by Bridget Flynn Walker $15
  • Anxiety,Phobias & Panic by Reneau Peurifoy M.A, M.F.T $4
  • The instinct to heal – Curing depression, anxiety and stress without drugs and without talk therapy by David Servan-Schreiber M.D, Ph.D $5
  • “Feeling Good – The New Mood Therapy” – by David D. Burns $6. Clinically proven drug free treatment for Depression and other mood problems. it is claimed that some people are cured of their depression by just reading this book.  I have used a simplified version described in it for writing and analyzing recurring negative thoughts of guilt, fear, anger etc. in helping some of the people attending my classes. They were happy with the results.
  • ‘The Depression Cure’ – by Stephen S. Ilardi $15
  • ‘Unstuck‘ – by James S. Gordon – An integrative medicine approach to curing depression as an alternative to pills $7
  • Guide to stress reduction by John Mason $4

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