Gardening books I like

These are some books that expanded my knowledge and proved useful in working in my garden. The prices shown are the total costs for getting used books in ‘Very Good’ to ‘Good’ condition by US mail (total cost of book and shipping) from, unless otherwise mentioned. Most books arrive in a week. I was rarely disappointed with the quality. I also buy used books sold at the local library book sales. They cost $0.50 to $2. I label their prices same or lower than what I have to spend, to get a replacement copy from

  • Small space vegetable gardening – Growing great edibles in containers, raised beds and small plots by Andrea Bellamy $ 7
  • The Indestructible House Plants by Tovah Martin $16
  • All new square foot gardening by  Mel Bartholomew $6
  • Straw bale gardening by Joel Karsten $15
  • Lasagna Gardening by Patricia Lanza
  • The Mini farming guide to composting – Self sufficiency from your kitchen to to your backyard by Brett L. Markham $ 14.
  • The speedy vegetable gardening by Mark Diacono & Lia leendertz $12
  • The soil will save us – How scientists, farmers and foodies are healing the soil to save the planet by Kristin Ohlson

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