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‘focusing on breathing‘ for Stress Management (1)

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The problem: We need to reduce stress but most stress management techniques demand time. We don’t have any free time!
An easy 24/7 solution: Simply ‘focusing on breathing‘ – Anywhere, Anytime, Any Posture, Doing anything. presents ‘focusing on breathing’ made simple and easy from children to residents in nursing homes. It prevents and relieves stress at Home, Work and from ill-health. There are three levels with benefits at each level (3).

Bedtime and Waking up – Level I: Begin ‘focusing on breathing’ at night, just to to fall asleep (4). It calms the mind, relaxes the tense muscles all over the body and induces quality sleep.This is the main dose of this practice.

Next, practice in the morning, waking up, lying on the bed, eyes still closed (5). Transition in several still postures from lying down, to standing on the floor, focusing on a few breaths in each posture. The day begins with a calm mind and relaxed body. This is the booster dose.

You will love these practices at night and morning. Over a few weeks, they become part of daily routine like brushing the teeth.

Your stress will be lower and you definitely feel better.

Intermittently, throughout the day – Level II: ‘Focus on a few breaths’, waiting at the red light, standing in a line, walking etc.(6).These micro practices are the maintenance doses.

Expect significant improvement in Mind, Body and Relationships in a few months(7).

Meditate ‘focusing on breathing’ – Level III (8): Begin with short times, only on weekends.The positive experience hopefully leads to extended times and may become a daily practice. It slowly dissolves the roots of chronic stress. You can become stress-proof!

The journey on this stress-free path continues lifelong.

Select Testimonials of 2014 (9)

Mind, Body and Spirit

“This technique has affected me physiologically and metaphysically” Middle aged woman
“I am building a ‘New Me’!” – 30 year old man

Residents at a Nursing Home

Children (10)

Elementary School Children
Middle school children


“No more ‘legendary panic attacks’, sedatives and cries!” – Lymphoma cancer survivor
“I was poised, confident and enjoyed it!”- Master’s student


“Dramatically helped me when driving” – Woman in her fifties


“Moved out of negatively approaching my husband” – Woman in her fifties

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(7) Helping Mind, Body and Relationships (A to Z)

Addictions, ADHD Anger, Anxiety, Fear and Panic attacks, Attitude, Compulsive thoughts, Concentration and focus, Courage to take decisions, Dental work, Depression, Driving stress, Face – grim to bright and smiling, Fatigue, Grief, Hypertension, Infertility treatments – reducing repeated failure of, Insomnia, Migraine, Obesity, Pains – Chronic, Pains – acute Phobias Pregnancy and childbirth, Relationships – difficult, Smoking and Tobacco chewing, Stress at home or office, Stuttering (Stammering), Surgery – before and after Willpower

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