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These are some books that expanded my knowledge and proved useful. The prices shown are the total costs for getting used books in ‘Very Good’ to ‘Good’ condition by US mail (total cost of book and shipping) from, unless otherwise mentioned. Most books arrive in a week. I was rarely disappointed with the quality. I also buy used books sold at the local library book sales. They cost $0.50 to $2. I label their prices same or lower than what I have to spend, to get a replacement copy from

I sell them to my clients on “Return anytime and get full refund” policy. Many of them are happy to buy them. Some kept them forever, some returned for refund and some said “I don’t want any refund”. This arrangement is very practical and really helpful for expanding the skill set of my clients.

  • Unaccountable – What hospitals won’t tell you and How transparency can revolutionize Health care by  Marty Makary M.D $16
  • The checklist manifesto – How to get things right by Atul Gawande $10
  • When doctors don’t listen – How to avoid misdiagnoses and unnecessary tests by Leana Wen and Joshua Kosowsky $16.

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