Yoga Classes – Stretching For Beginners

I have been training my clients in the following  gentle stretching modules since 2010 with happy results. Before they learn Yoga stretching, they get trained in ‘Focusing on breathing’ (FOB) techniques to induce relaxation, loosen the muscles and reduce stress (1). FOB improves flexibility of the body which is essential for pain free stretching.

Still postures – On waking up, lying on the bed

These are a series of still postures done on the bed, immediately on waking up. They positively impact on how we feel during the day. Please read the instructions before you practice from the video (3). It shows the postures being done on the floor but these are to be done on the bed itself, as soon as you wake up.

Gentle stretching movements – Off the bed, seated

These are a series of still postures and movements. They gently stretch the muscles of the eyes, face, neck, shoulders, arms and legs. Please read the instructions before practicing them from the video (4).

Loosening streetches from Yoga – Standing

These are a series of simple movements (5). They gently move all the joints and tone up the muscles.

About these classes

All classes are one to one, by appointment. These are offered at my daughter’s medical office when there are no patients scheduled (2). Openings are available in the morning, after 5 pm and week ends. The first class will cover ‘Focusing on breathing’ practice to loosen the tight muscles before stretching.

Though I personally got trained in Yoga and practice some difficult poses like  ‘Lotus Pose’ and ‘Shoulder stand’, I do not teach such difficult Yoga postures, not being a certified Yoga teacher.

Charges: $45 for three classes.

Register: By calling 518-391-2889 (W), 518-956-3433 (Cell) or E-mail –

(1) How can I ‘Focus on breathing’?
(2) Padma Sripada M.D (Internal Medicine): Columbia Internal Medicine at 2500 Pond View Suite 202, Castleton NY 12033. #518-391-2889.
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(3) Waking up routine on the bed- Instructions – YouTube VIDEO
(4) Gentle stretching movements (Seated) – Instructions  – YouTube VIDEO
(5) Loosening exercises from Yoga (Standing) – Instructions  YouTube VIDEO

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