Testimonials for ‘Follow up classes’ 2012

  • “Most of my problems are relieved and now my face glows”: Report from a client who attended 4 of my classes over 5 weeks.  Her multiple problems were relieved to a great extent – Severe stress due to mean behavior of her boss, Poor quality of sleep, Chronic pains in jaws, neck, back, & Migraine pains. More….
  • “The breathing gave me the courage to face what I didn’t want to face”: Feedback from a woman who attended two of my classes. She was in distress due to her husband’s insensitive behavior. More ….
  • I wish  I learned this technique in my teenage: “Before I learned ‘counting breaths’, I used to run in the gym. But even after running, I was not able to remove my stress….” A person living in New Jersey whom I helped by phone and e-mail without meeting in person. More….
  • “Improved on weight, blood pressure, moods, and neck & back pains”: Feedback from a client, a patient of my daughter Padma Sripda M.D,  who has done 12 classes over the last one year and eight months. She gained weight, from almost underweight to a healthier BMI, lowered her persistently high BP  and gradually lowering her anti-anxiety medication. “Last week I had a really great blood pressure reading 126/86. This is one of the lowest I have had.”. More….
  • When the student is ready, the teacher appears: Feedback from a client who has done 9 of my classes over last 6 months. “Having times of meditation and quietness has improved my well-being in so many ways – taking on better eating habits, relief from fibromyalgia pains,  and being more aware of those around me”. More….
  • I am managing stress very well and enjoying sound sleep: Feedback from a software Engineer after practicing ‘Focusing on breathing’ for about 2 months. He was previously under depression. More….
  • I have made great improvements with my weight, self confidence and …: Feedback from my remarkable client who has done 19 classes and continuing. “These are all the things you have helped me with, in the last year and I have had great improvements with: My weight, my self confidence, my body pains, my marriage problems, my sleeping habits, my eating habits, learning how to control my fear and much more. I can’t thank you enough.” More….
  • I feel so much at peace now: “I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I could have never done any of it without your help. I’ve been to a million doctors and psychs and they have not even come close to doing what you have done for me, by taking the time to listen and really care about me. More….
  • I lost 30 pounds and gained many other benefits: I have been seeing C.S.(Suryanarayana Chennapragada) for all my health problems, since last one year. I lost 30lbs. in last nine months, I have been eating a lot more healthy food than ever before, with a no red meat, a lot of fruits and vegetables. More….
  • Fibromyalgia pains mostly come down: Report from a woman who suffered from Fibromyalgia pains for about 10 years. How she practiced the technique and the multiple benefits she experienced. More….
  • Breathing breaks in the class room: Report from a class teacher on how she adapted the technique to suit her students and herself in the class room. More….
  • “I am thrilled at my progress” Feedback from a woman doing my classes.
  • “You are a God sent messenger for me” Feedback from a man in New Jersey who is receiving my e-mail and telephone support.
  • “I practiced the ‘Tip Mode’ just before the surgery” Feedback from a woman with several major health problems.
  • “My family life has changed dramatically……” Feedback from a woman with several mind body problems who attended several of my classes.
  • “I feel more concentration” Feedback from a software Engineer.

Testimonials for Follow up classes 2011

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