Testimonials for ‘Follow Up Classes’ 2011

  • Stress, anxiety and sleep problems relieved – reported an young medical student who attended three of my classes over two months. More….
  • “My family can’t believe the change in my attitude …” said a woman who attended two of my classes over three weeks. More….
  • Girl practiced at the dentist: She was introduced to the technique a month back, internalized it and used it on her initiative when she felt anxious at the dentist’s office. More….
  • I rebuilt my broken spirit: A testimonial from a practitioner who attended a series of my individual classes. It is a dramatic model on how an abused person (verbal or emotional, not physical) can break the spell of the abuser and lead a stress free life. In the end the abuser may even turn around! More….
  • Wonderful endorsement by a participant in my seminar: A participant in one of my seminars posted this comment in another blog “……..My other half and I went to an instructional class a few months ago, given by an Indian gentleman who taught a very simple but very effective breathing exercise that sounds moronically simple, yet works like a charm……..”. More….
  • Depression and anxiety: I stopped antidepressant medications and reduced anxiety medications by half.  More….
  • Back Pain: My back pain is gone for good. More ….
  • Sleep quality: My sleep quality has improved phenomenally. More ….
  • Reduced anger and road rage: ‘Focusing on breathing’ practices has reduced my anger and road rage. More….
  • Improved the focus and reduced exam stress: I had a long 8 hour civil service exam recently. More ….
  • Reducing hypertension: A young woman at my work was having hypertension. More ….
  • Sleeping pills are not an option at 3 am: Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t fall back to sleep. More ….
  • ‘Focusing on breathing’ helping 3 generations: My sleep has improved, my daughter’s attitude has improved and my short fused mother feels like a new person when she wake up in the morning. More….
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