Testimonials for Classes & Seminars

  • “Walking like an Energizer bunny” More….
  • “Made an incredible difference in my life”: More….
  • 9th Grader with ADHD improves: More….
  • “It has proven useful” from an LCSW. More….
  • Insomnia, Anger and Anxiety relieved More….
  • “The beginning of a journey” Remarkable changes reported by a Chiropractor. More….
  • Relief from depression, addictions, anger and disturbing thoughts: Feedback from a client who initially practiced from my handouts. ” I went from 3 anti depressants to 2. I have found my desire to self medicate with alcohol and tobacco lessen. I no longer get angry as easily as before. My disturbing thoughts and feelings are all but gone.” More….
  • Easy as 1-2-3 breathing: Said a practitioner who attended my recent seminar More ….
  • Getting off the BP (Hypertension) Medication: Says a client who was taking medication for high BP for many years and lowered the dosage. More…. 
  • Anger, Anxiety and Disturbed thoughts relieved: Feedback from a client who attended two of my classes before which he practiced for about 9 months on his own, using my handouts. Report
  • Insomnia and stress relieved: Said a young man who practiced from my handouts. More….
  • My anger is reduced by 70%: Feedback from client  who attended  3 of my classes over a period of 2 months. He was feeling angry with his wife for spending lot of time in forcing their daughter aged 6 to eat when she was not inclined.  He did not want to be angry. He also had stress at work. More
  • Counting breaths helped me through stress at work: Report from a person who attended my seminar. More….
  • Improved my relationship with my fiance: Remarkable report from a client after he attended three of my classes over three weeks on how his insomnia, stress and relationships improved. Feedback
  • This approach to meditation really works: Testimonial from a client who had great hidden potential for meditation with wonderful insights that were just needing a spark to come out. More….
  • “I finally had a good night’s sleep”: Report from a young Engineer who was suffering from severe insomnia and anxiety. He attended three of my classes. Feedback
  • “Not a sufferer of insomnia anymore” said Sara Firisen. Her report
  • Improved on stress, focus, fibromyalgia pains and weight: Feedback from a client who attended 10 of my classes over last one year. More….  
  • “I am able to let all the little things that bother me fall away”: Feedback from a cashier at the UPS Store who practiced the technique from the handouts (3). More….
  • Aware of diet, meditation and prayer: Feedback from a client who attended 10 of my classes. More….
  • Sleeping for 10 hours without a break: Remarkable feedback from a client Daw (not her real name), one week after attending my first class. She is an immigrant from Burma. More….
  • Tremendous improvement in sleeping pattern: Feedback from a lady who practiced ‘Focusing on breathing’  (1) by visiting this website and with a few tips from me over the phone. More….

Testimonials for Follow up classes 2012
Testimonials for Follow up classes 2011

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