Looking to set up a seminar? Info. for the organizer

General information often asked by organizers is here. Please e-mail me at csrao1003@gmail.com to firm up the details. 

  • Group size of 10 to 15 ensures in-depth interaction among all. It could be any size if audio system is provided.
  • A folder with key handouts and sample testimonials is given to each participant.
  • This website itself offers free resources about breathing, gentle stretching and meditation.
  • Day and time: I can meet client’s requirements.
  • Duration is 1 ½ hours. About 30 minutes are spent in interactions and practicing the breathing. If inevitable, I can condense to one hour.
  • Two small tables are needed to display my handouts and poster.
  • Audio visual aids are NOT required.
  • Feedback forms with 5 questions are collected and shared with the organizer.
  • Fee schedule is set to be affordable. For libraries, educational institutions and nonprofits, I accept their standard payment. If they don’t have a budget, I do it free.
  • Follow up classes are offered at my office by prior appointment.

Parent page: Seminars and Classes

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