Free seminars done at the Hope Club of American Cancer Society

I do these seminars on those Thursdays at the Hope club (1) when at least one person signs up in advance. It seems people are not aware of these seminars or do not believe its usefulness, as no one registered for several months in a row or some one registered but did not turn up. If nothing else, this technique can be a big help in relieving the sleep problems which are common for many cancer survivors.  

  • April 24, 2014:My monthly seminar at the Hope Club (1) was attended by one woman aged 70 who had surgery and chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. Feedback
  • April 4, 2014: For a woman in her thirties undergoing chemotherapy for Lymphoma. I missed doing the class at the Hope club due to a communication problem. By mutual consent she is doing the classes at my office. 
  • Sep 26, 2013: For a woman undergoing chemotherapy. 
  • May 24, 2013: For a girl college student with severe problems of insomnia, depression and obesity. She has been seeing a psychiatrist for her problems.
  • Sep 27 2012: Seminar of one hour was attended by a woman, a lung cancer survivor undergoing chemotherapy since last 6 months. She has severe insomnia and stress in addition to the side effects of chemo.
  • July 26, 2012:Attended by 5 persons. Feedback
  • May 24, 2012: Attended by two men. One man had surgery and radiation for thyroid cancer and another was a software engineer under stress.
  • April 26, 2012: Attended by one woman undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer for her insomnia and anxiety.
  • October 4, 2011: The seminar was for about 10 kids who either lost a parent to cancer or had a cancer survivor as a family member. Details of the seminar. 
  • September 29, 2011: The seminar of 1 hour was attended by a 70 year old woman. She came to the seminar with the noble intention of helping a friend of 86 years. Her friend was suffering from chronic insomnia , on account of grief from the recent death of her 55 year old son. She wanted to see if ‘Focusing on breathing’ could help her friend sleep at night.
  • July 28, 2011: The seminar of one hour was attended by 5 persons. A family of four – husband, wife and their two teen age daughters and one other woman. Feedback.
  • June 6, 2011: Introductory seminar of about 45 minutes was done for cancer survivors and family members. 7 women and 1 man attended. Feedback from the participants

(1) Hope club

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