Seminars done at other places

These are the seminars done at various other places in the US.

Loudonville elementary school – March 2011: Introductory seminar of 15 minutes for about 50 Grade 6 students of Loudonville elementary school in at the Albany Hindu Temple when they visited the temple for an introduction to Hindu religion. Each student was given a copy of my 2 page hand out “‘Calm yourself anywhere, anytime by ‘Focusing on breathing’” to carry home.

Pregnant women: Introductory seminar of 30 minutes for two expectant women along with their partners. This was done on the request of their Certified Birth Instructor Emily Marynczak who has been conducting series of classes for them.

4th Goodman Diabetic Fair: Introductory seminar of 45 minutes was conducted as part of the at the Diabetic Fair organized every year by Albany Medical College. This was the second year of this seminar. It was one of the break out sessions attended by 22 visitors to the fair. Feedback summary

Loudonville Elementary School: An introductory seminar of one hour was conducted for 24 teaching staff of the on the request of the principal Kerry Flynn. Most of the participants practiced the relaxation lying on the floor for about 20 minutes. Feedback summary








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