Seminars at Healthcare offices and Facilities

  • Residents of a Nursing Home: I offered 6 weekly classes to 9 women residents at Van Rensselaer Manor Skilled Nursing Facility, as a pilot project. Their ages ranged from 70 to 90+. The weekly classes were done from Sep to Nov 2014. Their feedback proved they can practice and benefit from the technique. Feedback
  • Seminar for aides at Van Rensselaer Manor Nursing Facility Aug 2014: Attended by 7 persons. Feedback
  • Seminar at Albany Memorial Hospital for Diabetes Support Group June 2013: Attended by 15 persons. Feedback
  • A large healthcare facility Feb 2013: 19 persons of diverse positions attended from house keeper to students, nurses, faculty and directors. Feedback
  • Glucoma Practice of New York Aug 15, 2012: Morning seminar for Dr.Sai Gandham, staff and some family members. Attended by 5 persons. Dr. Sai Gandham donated $100 to support the propagation of this technique. Feedback.
  • 4th Goodman Diabetic Fair: May 2010.Introductory  seminar of 45 minutes was conducted as part of the  at the Diabetic Fair organized every year by Albany Medical College. This was the second year of this seminar. It was one of the break out sessions attended by 22 visitors to the fair. I was paid an honorarium of  $250 for this seminar. Feedback summary
  • Albany Medical Center May 27, 09
  • 3 rd Good man Diabetic Fair at the Desmond Hotel: May 1, 2009. Attended by 120 people during the lunch time session.

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