Seminars 2012

 Seminars – 18, Attended by – 70 adults

  • Columbia Internal Medicine, November 24, 2012: For a Pediatrician M.D who came to know about this technique helping children at Robert C. Parker School. He wants to try this technique for his child patients with ADHD, along with medications.     
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, October 26, 2012: For a young man with history of childhood abuse and drug addiction. He had undergone de-tox program and waiting for admission into the rehab program. He was brought in by his aunt, a current client. He decided to do follow-up classes. In view of his economic situation, I offered him free classes.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, October 18, 2012: For a woman under severe stress due to stressful relationship with her husband. She felt she was being submissive to her husband and felt emotionally abused. Her key goal was to be assertive with her husband. She was informally practicing the technique for some time, based on my hand outs, and felt it was time to intensify her practice in this situation. She was planning to go on counseling. A few days after the seminar she sent this message ” I made a decision to move out of my home, away from my husband, for now. I’m not sure of the future but my heart told me this was the right move for now. I think the breathing gave me courage to face what I didn’t want to face. This is a very hard time in my life and I’m happy to have the skill to help me through.”
  • Hope club Sep 27 2012: Seminar of one hour was attended by a woman, a lung cancer survivor undergoing chemotherapy since last 6 months. She has severe insomnia and stress in addition to the side effects of chemo.
  • Russell Sage College Troy NY,  September 26 2012: first seminar for college students. Seminar of one hour for graduates and seniors of Nutrition attended by 16 students and 2 faculty members.  Full report with their feedback ….
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, September 11, 2012: For a woman under stress at the office, due to her emotionally abusive boss. She is doing the follow up classes.
  • Glaucoma Practice of New York on Aug 15, 2012: Morning seminar for Dr.Sai Gandham, staff and some family members. Attended by 5 persons. Dr. Sai Gandham donated $100 to support the propagation of this technique. Feedback.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, June 29, 2012: For a man under stress. He is doing the follow up classes.
  • Hope Club, May 24, 2012: Attended by two men. One man had surgery and radiation for thyroid cancer and another was a software engineer under stress.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, May 3, 2012: Attended by one woman for grief and depression due to the death of her adult son. 
  • Columbia Internal Medicine, April 28, 2012: Attended by one man for depression. He did several follow up classes. His report….
  • Hope Club, April 26, 2012: Attended by one woman undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer for her insomnia and anxiety.
  • Taborton Zion’s United Church of Christ Adult Fellowship Group: April 18, 2012. Seven people attended, 3 men, 3 women and one child in Grade 8. Feedback.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine: April 16 and 17, 2012. For a couple who attended series of my classes a few years back at the Albany Hindu Temple. The husband is a retired dentist. They came from Charlotte NC on a visit. He saw me at a social function and eagerly asked to meet me to revive his forgotten practice. They attended the sessions on both days and wanted to be in touch by e-mail or phone, even after they go back to India.
  • Columbia Internal Medicine: March 10, 2012. Seminar organized at short notice for a couple who came from New Jersey on a visit to Albany NY. Wife had been suffering from Fibromyalgia for many years. Their local host referred them to me as his 25 year old back pain was 80% relieved with the relaxation and stretching practices he learned in my classes.
  • East Greenbush Library: Jan 30, 2012. 16 people attended the fifth seminar at this library from 7 to 8.30pm. Summary of the feedback.

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