Seminars 2001 to 2003


Sessions – 4, Total adults and teens – 72

  • Family gathering on the eve of Thanksgiving day: 26 adults and 16 teens were trained in the house of Dr. Swatantra Mitta M.D
  • Albany Hindu Temple: November 2003. 30 adults were trained in 3 sessions.
  • South Brunswick Library NJ: Nine participants were trained. This seminar was organized by
  • Rotary Club of Bhadrachalam (India): Twelve participants were trained.
  • Bhadrachalam (a town in the southern state of Telengana, India, where I tested this method extensively): This was the first year I started sharing the technique with any one willing to listen. A great variety of people were trained from all sections of society in a few minutes to one hour.  Some of them reported very remarkable changes which are described as anecdotes in the page ‘Benefits: De-Addiction to Will power’ on the right side. The categories of people covered: Illiterate office helpers, Cleaners, Food servers in the company guest house, a gardener, A launderer, Single families, Members of ladies club, Insurance agents, Members of Rotary club, Electricans, Office clerks, Private secretaries, Technical managers, Staff and workers of small industries, School teachers, Truck drivers and Security guards. Total 17 seminars.
  • Bhadrachalam Paper Boards (Now called ITC PSPD, located in the town Bhadrachalam, State of Telengana, India): Two people were trained. These were the first two people after me, to test this technique and offer feedback.

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